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6 Creative Elf on the Shelf Antic Ideas

6 Creative Elf on the Shelf Antic Ideas

It's the most wonderful time of the year...and that means our mischievous little friend, Elf on the Shelf, is back in town!  As moms, we know that coming up with creative elf antics can be a challenge, but fear not - we've got you covered with some seriously good ideas that will make this holiday season extra memorable for your little ones!

1.    Marshmallow Bubble Bath: Who says elves don't enjoy a little relaxation? Fill the bathroom sink with marshmallows and place your elf with a mini bubble bath rubber ducky nearby. It's a tiny vacation spot just for your elf!

2.    Snowball Fight Extravaganza: Let's bring the winter wonderland indoors! Create a scene in your living room with cotton balls as snowballs, complete with an elf-sized fort and some mini snowball accessories. Your kids will be thrilled to join in on the fun!

3.    Elf Movie Night: Treat your elf to a cozy night in by setting up a mini movie theater using a small cardboard box as a TV, some popcorn, and a teeny tiny DVD. Your elf will be the perfect film critic!

4.    Elf-tastic Artwork: Channel your elf's inner Picasso by setting up an easel, a tiny paintbrush, and some miniature paint tubes. Leave a note for your little one on their Message from your Elf board, suggesting that they join the elf in creating their own masterpiece.

5.    Elfie Selfie: Nothing says "we're having a blast!" like a selfie! Bring out the elf's playful nature by setting up a mini photo booth with props, a tiny camera, and even a festive backdrop. Kids and elves make the cutest selfie partners!

6.    Cereal Bowl Surprise: Give your kids a silly and delicious surprise by having the elf dive headfirst into a big bowl of cereal. He's just going for a swim...in milk!

Remember, the key to successful elf antics is to think like a child. Get creative and have fun! And if you're ever feeling stuck, don't hesitate to ask your kids for their input. They're bursting with imagination and might just come up with the next big elf idea!

Share your favorite elf antics with us in the comments below. Let's spread the joy and inspire other moms to join the elf fun this holiday season!

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